Month: October 2021

Hartline Barger Successfully Obtains Full Dismissal for Client in Premises Liability Case

Brownsville, TX, October 25, 2021 — Hartline Barger LLP today announced attorneys Brian Rawson, Roy McKay, and Dale Fresch successfully obtained a full dismissal for their client in a premises liability case. The case involved allegations that the premises owner knew or reasonably should have known of a dangerous condition in its bathroom that caused Plaintiff to
be injured.

Plaintiff was a customer at a restaurant in Harlingen, Texas. He alleged that while walking through the restaurant’s bathroom, he slipped in a puddle of water that was on the floor, fell, and was injured. Plaintiff sought about $75,000.00 in damages.

Rawson, McKay, and Fresch filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that the restaurant was not under their client’s control at the time of the incident and, as a result, Plaintiff’s claims should fail. On October 25, 2021, the Court granted Hartline Barger’s motion for summary
judgment, dismissing all of Plaintiff’s claims against Hartline Barger’s client.

Cause/Case No.: 2020-CCL-00200
Judge: Laura L. Betancourt