Month: January 2023

Hartline Barger Secures Dismissal in Wrongful Death Claim

Bexar County, TX, January 13, 2023 In January of 2023, Brian RawsonTyler Stuart, and Kristina Everhart successfully had all claims dismissed against a nightclub client after filing a summary judgment motion.  The Bexar County wrongful death lawsuit arose from a shooting incident on the freeway between an ex-boyfriend of an entertainer and a third-party security guard who was driving the entertainer home.  The decedent’s family claimed that the security guard was negligently hired by the nightclub and was acting under the course and scope of his employment when the shooting occurred.  The nightclub filed a summary judgment asserting there was no connection between the shooting incident and the hiring of the security guard because it occurred after-hours and off-premises.  Rather than respond to the summary judgment motion, the plaintiffs dismissed their claims.