“Big Ships Turn Slowly”

Hartline Barger LLP’s story begins in 1994, with seven lawyers in a big city law firm. They could see the legal industry was changing. They knew they needed to evolve with it, and adapt quickly to their clients’ needs. But management at the Big Firm resisted, saying, “Well, you know, big ships turn slowly.”

So they set out on their own. Their goal: to create a smaller firm, full of sharp and talented lawyers willing to take on any case, and dedicated to serving their clients’ interests. Over the years, the firm has nurtured its growth selectively, bringing in talented attorneys from top regional and international law firms, and graduates of top law schools. Today, Hartline Barger LLP has over 80 attorneys and offices in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. While the firm has its roots in Texas, it is known for its litigation prowess in high-profile cases nationwide.

Hartline Barger’s founders are proud of their success in rejecting outdated approaches and attitudes, and embracing a smarter, more efficient approach to the practice of law. And they have not forgotten their origins. Big firms, like big ships, turn slowly. At Hartline Barger LLP, we’re different.

“We’re not litigators. We’re trial lawyers. There’s a difference.”