Hartline Barger Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment

Posted on June 16, 2021 by Hartline Barger - News

Nueces County, TX, June 16, 2021 Hartline Barger LLP attorneys Brian Rawson, Roy McKay, Holly Naehritz, and Dale Fresch prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment before County Court at Law No. 3 of Nueces County, Texas.  A customer alleged that she tripped and fell on a step at a restaurant while being escorted to her table.  The customer filed a premises-liability claim against the restaurant, alleging that the restaurant failed to properly maintain the step and/or failed to properly warn her about the step.  Hartline Barger LLP filed a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the restaurant, arguing that the restaurant satisfied any legal duty it owed to the customer by having a sign that said “PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP” prominently displayed above the step, and that there was no evidence to support the customer’s claims.  The trial court agreed and granted the restaurant’s motion for summary judgment, dismissing all claims against it with prejudice.

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