Hartline Barger Team Successfully Strikes Plaintiff's Experts in Construction Defect Case

Posted on September 9, 2022 by Hartline Barger - News

Dallas, TX, September 09, 2022Hartline Barger LLP is pleased to congratulate attorneys Tom Jacks, Katrina Colwell Arp, Trevor Brown, and David Henderson for successfully striking Plaintiff’s experts in a construction defect case, resulting in an overwhelmingly favorable settlement for the firm’s client.  Plaintiff sought multiple seven-figures in damages.  Plaintiff’s liability expert opined that the only remedy for the alleged construction defects was complete removal/disposal of all materials and products installed and a complete rebuild.  Plaintiff’s damages expert opined as to the cost for demolition and rebuilding, leading to the multi-seven figure damages demand.  The Hartline Barger team successfully struck the liability expert and all of his opinions entirely as well as the damages expert’s opinions on repair costs.

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