Hartline Barger Wins Dismissal in Bexar County Dram Shop Case

Posted on January 29, 2021 by Hartline Barger - News

Dallas, Texas; February 1, 2021 — Hartline Barger LLP today announced a victory after attorneys Brian Rawson, Stephanie Roark, and Roy McKay were successful in getting a San Antonio Dram Shop case dismissed against Twin Peaks Restaurant.

This lawsuit arises from an automobile accident that occurred in the early morning hours of October 20, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas. Plaintiff, who was represented by plaintiffs’ attorney Thomas J. Henry, alleged that she was traveling southbound on the Loop 410 access road when Devin Lopez, traveling northbound (the wrong way) on the access road, struck Plaintiff’s car head-on. Lopez admitted to San Antonio police officers at the scene that he had been drinking and was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Plaintiff claimed she suffered from severe injuries in the subject crash.

Plaintiff brought several negligence-based claims against Lopez and Dram Shop claims against the establishments where Lopez had allegedly consumed alcohol that night, including Twin Peaks. Plaintiff was seeking monetary relief of over $1,000,000. Hartline Barger was successful in obtaining a complete dismissal of Twin Peaks from this case on March 24, 2020, after it had filed a motion for summary judgment.


CAUSE/CASE NO: 19-CI-06503

Judge: Aaron Haas



Brian Rawson


Hartline Barger LLP



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