Hartline Barger Wins Summary Judgment in Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Case

Posted on January 29, 2021 by Hartline Barger - News

Dallas, Texas; February 1, 2021 ā€” Hartline Barger LLP today announced a victory after attorneys Brian Rawson, Roy McKay, and Stephen Elkind were successful on summary judgment while defending a construction company in an 18-wheeler accident case.

The case arose from a July 2018 auto-accident in Dallas, Texas. The two plaintiffs were driver and passenger in an automobile and allegedly ran over a metal part that fell off an 18-wheeler, causing them injuries. They filed suit against the construction company, arguing that it employed the driver of the 18-wheeler and was negligent in doing so.

Hartline Barger LLP responded with a summary judgment motion, arguing that the plaintiffs had sued the wrong company because the defendant did not employ the driver nor have any other relevant relationship with either the driver or the 18-wheeler.

On November 6, 2020, District Judge Aiesha Redmond in the 160th District Court in Dallas County, Texas granted the summary judgment motion and dismissed the plaintiffsā€™ claims with prejudice.


CAUSE/CASE NO: DC-19-12966

Judge: Aiesha Redmond



Brian Rawson


Hartline Barger LLP



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