Class Action & Multidistrict Litigation

Hartline Barger lawyers have handled class action & multidistrict litigation for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, from automotive manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies to funeral service providers, ranging from simple consumer actions to complex cases including anti-trust and Lanham Act claims. We have defended clients in class actions all over Texas and across the nation, recently defeating certification in Tennessee. Members of the firm have also served on steering committees for a series of nationwide class actions.

We approach class actions differently than other firms, realizing that each case is unique and analyzing the specific facts to determine the best strategy—including ways to favorably resolve the litigation prior to the class certification stage. Because of our distinct perspective, we have pioneered successful tactics such as attacking non-injury class actions on the basis of no standing to sue, resulting in early case dismissals.

Clients often believe class actions must be settled once they are certified. Not so at Hartline Barger. Although we know how to avoid certification and trial, we recognize that the best way to resolution is demonstrating preparation, willingness and enthusiasm for trial. Because of our deep trial experience, many clients have selected us to take a leading role in multidistrict litigation. Our lean, efficient approach and consistent results are proof that you do not need big firms – and their big costs – for these jobs.