Commercial Litigation

Businesses sometimes become adverse with customers, dealers, suppliers and other businesses. Regardless of the industry, our experienced attorneys pride themselves on understanding your business’ unique concerns and issues. Furthermore, our firm recognizes that in these difficult situations your bottom line is still a priority. Our commercial litigation attorneys take specific measures to address this.

First, we respect your time and money, and treat it as our own. Second, we listen to your goal in the conflict, and design a plan that is respectful of that goal and your budget. Third, we use our vast litigation experience to create leverage you did not have before. Creating leverage may drive down costs, force early and favorable resolution, or even convert costly litigation into a profit center.

In multiple cases, we have developed and prosecuted counterclaims, having learned that sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. Too frequently defense lawyers are solely reactive, rather than proactive. Our business litigation lawyers recognize that the dynamics of the case can change dramatically by creating a proactive strategy early on, and executing it faithfully.

On the other hand, we understand relationships are important and litigation is not always the course to take. Sometimes the best solution is to seek out a result that benefits both parties, and allows the relationship to be preserved so both sides continue to do business. While it is important that your lawyers are able to be aggressive, it is equally important that they be able to mend bridges, rather than simply burn them. Our attorneys work hard to ensure they’re taking a course that is best for your business.