Consumer & Commercial Collection Matters

Over the years, clients have sought our assistance in obtaining and perfecting judgments and in collecting on outstanding debts, liens, and judgments. We recognize that the process is cost sensitive, and the worst thing a creditor can do is throw good money after bad. So we begin with a comprehensive asset and public records searches. We contact the debtor, apply professional pressure, and try to work out a deal. Given our reputation, sometimes the appearance of our firm is enough to get the debtor’s attention. We engage in non-judicial collection efforts, as required by some states. If unsuccessful, we make sure the judgment is perfected and a lien is appropriately secured. We engage in post judgment discovery, garnish bank accounts, and send officers to seize non-exempt property. Often, when the property is seized, an agreement can be reached.

On a number of occasions, we have taken a judgment for costs or a counterclaim against a Plaintiff who lost their case against our client. We abstract the judgment and pursue collection to the extent desired by the creditor. Sometimes a debtor will contact us years later, seeking to pay in order to clear the lien.