Healthcare Litigation

Our firm has successfully defended healthcare-related industries, such as pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers of healthcare products (hip implants, pacemakers, heart-lung machines, etc.) in litigation, both in Texas and elsewhere in the country.

Not only have we defended individual doctors and nurses against malpractice claims made against them, but we have also represented hospitals and clinics against claims of improper patient care, premises liability, and improper Medicare and Medicaid billing. Furthermore, we have effectively defended medical providers (both individuals and hospitals) in Qui Tam litigation, in which the U.S. government is seeking to recoup Medicare and Medicaid payments that the government believes should not have been made.

More than a “medical malpractice boutique,” Hartline Barger is an experienced trial litigation firm with broad, across-the-board experience representing physicians, nurses, hospitals, hospital administrators and employees, clinics, nursing homes, and governmental agencies.

We coordinate our efforts with our clients, and we always keep our clients’ business interests first and foremost in our minds. Hartline Barger’s goal is to identify high-risk problems early and to provide economical and efficient solutions that will allow our clients to continue to provide high-quality healthcare at reasonable rates, with reduced risk of claims and litigation.