Intellectual Property

Patent attorneys and trial lawyers sometimes have different skill sets. Both are essential. At Hartline Barger, we believe in staffing cases with both. We do not follow a checklist of billable activities that will not advance the case. We treat every case as unique. That starts with learning the technology at issue and understanding how our client’s accused products may differ. We then analyze potential defenses and chart out an efficient plan of attack. We have a strong belief that maintaining constant credibility before the court is critical for our client’s success. We do not believe in filing motions with no chance of winning just because they are traditionally filed in patent cases. We have successfully moved for limited discovery and early “mini-Markman” hearings, resulting in enormous cost savings and a short cut to summary judgment.

Patent cases are often bet-the-company matters. Because our patent team is able to translate your highly technical information into a story that a jury can both understand and care about, your bet-the-company patent case is in good hands. We have handled numerous patent cases for automotive companies involving a multitude of patents and technologies. Not only can we defend and try your case successfully, our clients tell us that our legal bills are significantly lower than those they receive from other firms. As a result, our clients are able to more aggressively defend against both NPE and traditional litigation without paying high defense costs.

To review a sampling of the patent cases handled by our firm, a list of cases can be downloaded here.