Professional Liability

Even lawyers need lawyers sometimes. Lawyers accused of mishandling their clients’ matters routinely turn to us to defend them. We know these types of disputes can be costly and damaging to our clients’ reputations and practices. Therefore, we work diligently to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the challenges in Professional Liability litigation is that professionals are often so close to the underlying matter that it’s difficult to keep perspective while defending the case. The very skill set that makes lawyers effective advocates can be detrimental when they become the defendant and the witness. Our firm specializes in preparing witnesses of all backgrounds and skill sets to testify. Whether the client is a trial veteran, an estate planning practitioner, or an immigration attorney, we will train and enlighten the lawyer to testify at a deposition and in court.

Our professional liability defense is not limited to legal malpractice claims. We also defend non-lawyer professionals, including design professionals and those who work for non-profit organizations, against negligence claims arising from hiring, training, and supervision of others.