Our firm founders launched Hartline Barger in 1994 with a unique vision – compete at the level of a big firm, but maintain the feeling of a small one. For nearly 30 years the Hartline Barger family has successfully operated with this mentality. When it comes to expanding our team it isn’t just finding the right talent, it’s finding the right personalities that seek long-term growth. Hartline Barger employees are not viewed as parts of a bigger machine, they are valued as people with the opportunity for great success.

Our on campus interview programs

We believe the fastest way to become a great lawyer, is to be mentored by the best lawyers. Hartline Barger understands this begins at the ground level so we approach on campus interviews (OCIs) as an opportunity for an apprenticeship rather than a run-of-the-mill internship. When we hire summer associates, our goal is to bring them onboard long-term. Since 2010, more than 20 summer associates have joined our team as full-time attorneys after completing law school.

Lateral Opportunities

While we pride ourselves on our small-firm feel, Hartline Barger continues to grow exponentially. Whether you have practiced for two years or twenty, we are always interested in attorneys who are passionate about their practice. Our team has seen a great deal of success because of our talent, but even more so because of our passion for what we do.