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Hartline Barger Secures Dismissal of Property Damage Claims Against Contractor

Hartline Barger attorneys Brian Rawson and Roy McKay were successful in obtaining dismissal of alleged claims against a utility contractor on property damage and business interruption claims filed in Dallas County, Texas.

The case involved allegations that the utility contractor’s work caused physical damage to Plaintiffs’ property, a car dealership, and that the contractor’s work blocked access to Plaintiffs’ property, causing them to lose customers and revenue.

Hartline Barger aggressively pursued discovery from Plaintiffs to substantiate their claims against the utility contractor. Plaintiffs failed to produce any evidence and, realizing their claims lacked any factual foundation, Plaintiffs ultimately dismissed their claims with prejudice.

Source: Official court documents and attorneys for the defense from Hartline Barger, LLP.

Cause/Case No. DC-20-15983

Judge: Monica Purdy

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