Insurance HB



For decades, insurance companies have turned to our team of trial lawyers to defend their interests — especially when the level of exposure is substantial and the likelihood of going to trial is high. Insurers frequently come to us after initial negotiations have fallen through and trial is imminent. In those cases, we excel at quickly sizing up the case, and rapidly preparing for trial by marshaling the necessary resources on the key issues at hand.

We’ve represented local, national and international insurance companies on a variety of matters, in both state and national courts. We have a consistent and proven track record of successfully handling insurance cases across a broad range of industries, involving everything from personal injury and wrongful death, to labor & employment matters, to premises liability, to toxic torts and more. Our goal is to efficiently analyze each case and client with the goal of minimizing litigation and future liability, thereby limiting exposure both now and in the future.

Areas of insurance expertise include:

  • Excess Coverage
  • Standard / First Party Policies
  • Specialty Coverages
  • Choice of Law
  • Forum Non Conveniens
Our attorneys have one goal: to protect your company’s best interests.
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