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Hartline Barger Wins Summary Judgment for Texas Children’s Medical Charity

Hartline Barger successfully obtained a summary judgment while defending a children’s medical charity against personal injury claims by participants of a charity run.

Four plaintiffs and two intervenors argued that a temporary archway set up at the charity race’s starting line fell on top of and injured them, and they sued Hartline Barger client in the 138th District Court of Texas in Brownsville, Texas, alleging the entity improperly secured or supervised the race.

The charitable entity filed motions for summary judgment on the Intervenors’ claims, arguing the claims failed because the entity was not sufficiently involved with race security or supervision to render it responsible for personal injury suffered by race participants. Cameron County District Judge Arturo Cisneros Nelson agreed and dismissed both Intervenors’ claims against the entity on January 14, 2020.

CAUSE/CASE NO: 2018-DCL-07231

Judge: Arturo Cisneros Nelson

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