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Summary Judgment Obtained on a Premises Liability Claim in Montgomery County, TX

Brian Rawson and Roy McKay were successful through summary judgment in defending a premises owner on a premises liability claim filed in Montgomery County, Texas. The case involved allegations that the premises owner knew or reasonably should have known of a dangerous condition on the premises, which caused Plaintiff’s injury.

Plaintiff was a resident of a multi-family residential property. He alleged that while exiting his residence debris from construction work above allegedly fell on him causing injury. Plaintiff sought over $200,000.00 in damages.

Rawson, McKay, and Stockbridge filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that neither the premises, nor the work, were under the control of their client, and as a result, Plaintiff’s claims should fail. On April 11, 2019, the Court granted Hartline Barger’s motion for summary judgment, dismissing all of Plaintiff’s claims against Hartline Barger’s client.

SOURCE: Official court documents and attorneys for the defense from Hartline Barger LLP

CAUSE/CASE NO: 18-03-03061

Judge: K. Michael Mayes

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